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    Right! I’m glad you did start this blog – I really enjoyed reading your post and will follow up on the links (and thanks for including the link to the hangout – I am enjoying peoples blogs so much that I couldn’t get around to searching for the link again!!)’

    I love how you’ve linked to some of the stuff you liked/heard about on your blog – this was one of the greatest benefits of blogging for me when I first started. It helped me find a way to pull my thoughts together over the course of a few days (sometimes multiple times in one day, too), and make sure I could go back to those ideas/links later. I want to follow almost every single link on yours :)

    September 3, 2014
  2. You bet it is already worth it.
    I like to think of these kinds of courses as places to dip toes, and dive in (if it feels right), and figure things out together. I am hopeful that this will happen with CCourses.
    The concept of “narrating your work” is important, but I know that not everyone is ready for that step, and may push back against the idea. Why do we need to go public with our thinking? I would argue that our reflections build a collective knowledge. You don’t need to share every strand of thinking or learning. But share enough to add to the conversation.
    Happy blogging

    September 8, 2014

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